9 genuine reasons to choose RANK MATH SEO Plugin over others

If you are searching for the best SEO plugin for WordPress, then you should consider Rank Math SEO plugin over others. Here I am giving 9 genuine reasons to consider Rank Math SEO plugin over other WordPress plugins.

Free! & has NO PAID version

You heard it right. RANK MATH SEO Plugin is free and it has no PAID version. Unlike the free Yoast SEO plugin where you can use only one focus keyword for your blog post, you can use up to 5 keywords.

Best part is, you don’t have to use other tools for keywords. Rank Math SEO provides inbuilt keyword suggestion tool. See the image below

Rank Math SEO Keyword Suggestions

SEO Score & Improvement areas

Did you notice the 15/100 score which is on the top right side of the above image? When you enter a keyword for the content you wrote or writing, the score will be displayed. A high score indicates better optimized.

Blue questions in the below section of the above images show the improvement areas where you should work to improve the SEO Score. When you improve one of those areas, that indicator will turn in to the green.

Builtin features

Another reason for using Rank Math SEO plugin is its inbuilt features. Rank Math not only tells you how to optimize your content but also suggests you the tools needed for great optimization results.

Rank Math SEO Bultin Features

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages which helps in loading pages faster when the website is accessed from a mobile device. To enable this, you simply have to install any AMP WordPress plugin and enable the same in Rank Math.
Other useful tools are link-counter, site-wide SEO analysis which tells us our improvement areas.

No-Follow & Do-Follow Links

When you are quoting an external URL in your blog post, you should declare that link as either No-Follow link or Do-Follow. With Rank Math Plugin, you can mark all outgoing links as No-Follow links and make exceptions when needed. This is my favorite feature and is not available in any free SEO Plugins.

Local SEO – Only RANK MATH SEO has

Another feature that no other SEO plugins have is Local SEO. With this option, you can optimize your content to your local area/city/state/Country. This particular option is very helpful when you are selling products to your city/town.

Search Console

With Rank Math Plugin, you don’t have to switch tabs to check your website visitors. You can check your website statistics right from the plugin options. Once you integrate your analytics code with Rank Math SEO Plugin, all your website data will be captured by the plugin.

Import & Export Settings

If you are using other SEO Plugins and want to use Rank Math, you can simply import all your existing SEO Plugin settings to Rank Math. This option comes handy for new users when they want to test this plugin. Rank Math support all major SEO plugins and you can import existing SEO settings from any of them including Yoast and All in one SEO.

ALT Attributes and Social Sharing

As a good SEO practice, all images on the website should have the “ALT” attributes. Many bloggers forget this tiny but important detail. Rank Math SEO plugin helps in fixing it. When you enable this option under General Settings -> Images, the plugin searches for the images with missing ALT attributes and applies them automatically.

Help & Support

Rank Math SEO plugin provides detailed documentation on setting up the plugin. You can read it at Free plugins generally don’t provide support. However, Rank Math team provides support and you can submit a helpdesk ticket at

I have been using Rank Math SEO plugin from the past 3 months and I found it better than other WordPress SEO Plugins.

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