5 reasons why you should NOT use NULLED WordPress themes or Plugins

Using a NULLED WordPress theme or a plugin has many side effects as it not only impacts your website but also could damage your SEO score negatively. Want to know more? Read below 7 reasons why you should NOT use Nulled WordPress themes or plugins.


First and foremost reason is nulled WordPress themes & plugins are illegal. Theme developers had spent many sleepless nights writing the code. Nulled WordPress theme providers remove the developer copyright code illegally and bypass the license checking mechanism. It is almost same as stealing someone’s property and should NEVER be encouraged.

On the other hand, if developers find the theme being used illegally, they could file a case against the user. This is will become a legal issue. Why should you invite unnecessary problems?

Virus, Spam & hidden codes

Nulled WordPress Themes Plugins

Most of those nulled WordPress themes and plugins files have a virus or spammy links. These spammy links could be in any form such as hidden backlinks, hidden advertisements, and redirections to adult content sites or gambling which are against the rules of many search engines. When you submit your website to google, they crawl which is also known as track the website at regular intervals. When they found phishing code on your website, they warn you and sometimes even blacklist your website. 

Hidden backlinks CANNOT be detected by Anti Virus or a virus identification website because they just redirect to your website to a third party website. This could impact the SEO as your WordPress theme or plugin using a secret method to connect and search engines never like this. Also, spammers might be tracking your keywords and your backlinks. So, you are unknowingly giving away all your keywords to others. 

NULLED WordPress themes or Plugins receive NO Support from Developers

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins are downloaded by illegal means. Hence, there wouldn’t be any support from developers of the theme and/or plugin. To set up a WordPress theme or plugin, documentation is needed. Documentation is generally a Microsoft word document which has a detailed description of theme or plugin features. Developers provide the documentation which helps users to set up the theme quickly and easily. Even an experienced WordPress developer needs the documentation to fix issues. 

An update will crash the website

An update to a  nulled WordPress theme or plugin will crash the website completely. Sometimes the entire website will become  OFFLINE and you cannot get it back without uninstalling the updates. Sometimes, your posts and images along with your customizations will get deleted or simply, you will have to redesign the entire website from scratch. 

On the other hand, you will never ever get a new and updated version. By NOT using an updated version, you are losing important security patches and advanced features. 

Data Vulnerability

If you are selling any products or using woo commerce on a nulled WordPress theme, then stop it immediately. You are just giving away your credit card information to the world and authorizing them to do transactions on your card. 

Not just financial information, your data, and the website are vulnerable to hacking and hackers may be able to take your website down. You may are may not notice this immediately but by the time you know this, you may NOT be in a position to recover either your data or website. 

I am creating AWARENESS and this post is NOT to create panic or giving a warning. I have seen many incidents as mentioned above in my blogging journey and people were unable to get their website back. 

An alternative is, you can use free WordPress themes and free WordPress Plugins. They are limited versions but can fulfill most requirements. You can use them without any hesitation 🙂

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