[GIFT INSIDE] How to start a blog in 5 easy steps.

Blogging is incredible! Writing a blog will improve your knowledge and money almost at the same time. There are some “if”s and “but” s to it, we will discuss it later. For now, we will see how to start a blog in 5 easy and simple steps. Read on.

What are you good at?

Yes, I mean it. What are you good at? To answer this question, ask yourself “What am I good at?” Cricket? Movies? Mobiles?

Take time to think about it first. Do note that, you should be able to write content around your interest and your chosen topic should always inspire you.

Most bloggers passion dies after a week or month of blogging. To avoid that problem, think about your passion thoroughly, ask your friends or simply search your google history to know what are your interests.

Buy a DOMAIN Name

Once you complete the first step, you need a domain name. A domain name is like your address on the internet like is my address on the internet.

Websites like offer domain names for nominal prices. As of today, a .com domain name is available for US$ 10 / INR 600. Grab one.

how to create a blog
how to create a blog

Buy a Hosting Service [GIFT]

A domain name is just an address. To see a website, you need space to host your website files like images, videos, etc. Hosting is like the furniture to your home. Once, you got this, you are all set to start a blog.

I would recommend, Hostgator hosting. It is not only user-friendly but also has a great customer support team. Apart from that, they have their servers located in the USA ( and India ( and many other locations worldwide.

Currently, HostGator is offering a discount program for visitors. You would get 60% Off on your cart value if you buy it today. All you need to do is, use “THEMEPUNDIT” in the coupon section on the cart page as shown in the below image.

Install WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system or simply a tool or platform. Nearly 30% of websites in the world run on WordPress. WordPress is free and easy to configure and most importantly Search Engine Optimized. So, it is a great platform to start a blog.

Hostgator Hosting provides WordPress as a “one-click installation”. What is means is that you can install WordPress in one click.

Install a WordPress Theme

Once WordPress installed, the next and final step you need to do is, install a theme. Many developers around the world have developed and still developing WordPress themes. You can select one of them based on your requirements. Most of them are free. Pro version themes come with additional advantages and support. You can check WordPress themes from various developers from the “Themes” section on the top.

KICKSTART your blogging journey.

Once you complete the WordPress installation, you are all set to start your blogging journey. The prerequisite to start a blog is writing the content in an easily understandable manner. Do not use much vocabulary and try to keep your blog posts as simple as you can. It is a known fact that visitors will not be showing any interest if they don’t understand what the blog post is talking about. So be careful while choosing your words. Keep in mind that the slang or dialect of English is different NOT the same across the world.

Few important points to note if you are a newbie in the blogging world.

  1. Have a lot of patience. Your website may not be coming in 1st page very soon.
  2. Read, Learn, Write, Correct and again read and write. This is the way to create great content and make your knowledge checked.
  3. Follow a systematic approach.
  4. Take guidance from other bloggers.
  5. Finally, make your blog great.

Let us know what are your thoughts in the comment section below!


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